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Winner’s arrivel at Solaire! #MabuhayWINNER

#5yearswith2NE1 ♡

There is no other group like 2NE1. I’m confident about that. Each member has their own color, and we have this taste that other groups don’t.” - CL

“A team that is always fun with witty sense of humor. We help each other around a lot and help push each other to be better.” - Minzy

2NE1’s music is not just about our “essence” or our new looks, they’re also songs where a person will be able to remember once you hear them, and these songs bring joy to others.” - Bom

"While listening to the cheers of our fans, my body tingles. during those few moments, I feel like ‘I am the Best.” - Dara

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5 years, 60 months, 281 weeks, 19767 days, 47208 hours, 67979520 minutes and 4078771200 seconds with four amazing girls who claim to have no permanent style because they recreate and reinvent themselves from time to time. Continue to become the flowers that will never wither; flowers that will always bloom. Happy 5th Anniversary, 2-N-EH-1! \(^▽^*) (*^▽^)/ #5YearsWith2NE1

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