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2NE1 - 140314 Osen Interview!

Powerful girl group 2NE1 released their 2nd full album “CRUSH” saying “Now, we’ve crossed such a high mountain,” and strictly evaluated the process.

On the 14th, in a hotel in Yeouido, 2NE1 attended an interview as a commemoration of their 2nd full album’s release. The members said “Wherever you go in the world, you can’t find a girl group like this,” not hiding their confidence. CL participating in song-writing for their new album “CRUSH,” she’s also became a hot topic. Additionally, they expressed, “The 2 years of preparation is like that of thirst being quenched.”

Below is the question and answer portion.

Q: First, what are your thoughts of your comeback?
CLWe’ve prepared for this album for almost more than 4 years. Our 1st full album included some of our singles, but this time, it’s all new songs. It’s somewhat like it’s our actual 1st full album. We recorded a lot og songs and slowly prepared for it. There were frustrations, but it felt like our thirst was quenched.

Q: 2NE1 can’t be imitated. Your comeback being on the same time as SNSD become a topic.
CL: We started preparing for our March world tour since last year. Our first tour didn’t have any new songs and it wasn’t a weakness. We regretted that a lot so this time, we made sure that we include new songs and carry on with our tour. We actually thought of starting around February, but it was meticulously decided upon.

Q: What are your thoughts about SNSD?
CL: To us, they are our sunbaes (seniors). Being a girl group who’s been receiving lots of love for a long time is very cool. We want to be like that. We, 2NE1, feel that we’ve crossed a high mountain, but I thought that those sunbaes have done that many times. That is cool, too. Also, because they are active in variety of categories, that’s cool as well. Because we are a girl group that really want to show girl power, I hope that both groups do well.

Q: How do you think of SNSD songs and stage?
SandaraI felt that both team’s colors are very different. They showed us a stage that we can’t do.

Q: The comeback was delayed to match CL’s birthday.
CL: This time, we felt really touched by Sajangnim (CEO YG). Last year, it was very difficult, but Sajangnim cheered on us a lot. I happen to start composing since December of last year only for fun, but Sajangnim really strictly monitored it. I wrote English songs because I wasn’t very confident with Korean, Sajangnim advised me to change it to Korean. Also, he was the one who gave us “CRUSH” as our album name.

Q: You started composing since December of last year. Do you have any more songs?
CL: That’s right. Composing is like a diary for me. I made a lot of songs, but only songs that match 2NE1 were loaded in the album.

Q: It seems that CL’s contribution to 2NE1 is the biggest. What are the other members’ roles?
CL: We made this album, I wrote songs, and all four of us recorded together, bringing us even closer to each other. They are people who are in the same boat as me, not enemies. Right now, my role might be the biggest, but on other aspects, it changes. I know that without each other, it wouldn’t be as good, so I’m very thankful to them. It was also our first time recording with just us, with no direction. It was a new experience.

SandaraAlthough CL is also a member, she’s great. Even for stage performances, she’s the one who arranges which song fits each members. I really like that the four of us is like a puzzle that’s complete only when us four is there.

Minzy: We each have our own imperfection, so we help each other cover those up. There’s a member who writes, a member who acts well in music videos, and a member who has soulful vocals. Each of us have our own individual roles.

CLOn stage, Minzy is the most reliable. She is very consistent on stage, so she becomes someone we can lean on.

Q: These past 2 years, what are your improvements?
CL: Just like how I happen to start composing since December of last year, I don’t know what I will be doing in the future. It seems like a natural process. Before, we would say, “we want to enjoy the stage.” But now, we know the recipe of enjoying a stage. Looking back from the past 2 years, we are reminded of our trainee days. Although we went through those 2 years of not being active, we still had improvements. For example, Sandara-unni got abs.

Sandara: I love challenging new things. I’ve been challenging unique hairstyles, but this time, I wanted to show something new, so I tried gaining abs. Whatever I do seems to be cute and this time, I wanted to express wildness. I started this abs project since January for 2 months in order to show it during our concert opening song “CRUSH,” and I was able to complete in time for the concert, so I feel very proud. I’m still thinking if I will maintain my abs.

CL: (Sandara) Unni is someone who really loves ramen, but she even cut that off.

Q: What about dating. Compared to other girl groups, it seems that you’ve totally forgotten about dating.
CLI agree. We did forget about it totally. (laughs)

Q: Why aren’t you dating?
Bom: I (or we) haven’t had to chance to.
CLThere’s a lot of oppas (older guys) in the YG, and I don’t think it’s good being very close to them. They tell us, “you shouldn’t do this,” and they sometimes treat us conservatively like younger sisters. The members rarely go outside, so I think that’s the reason why.

SandaraI’m really thinking about it, but it seems that Sajangnim and the other sunbaes in YG are more worried that I am. That worry needs to decrease (or disappear) soon.

CLAll of us are seriously worried.

Q: 2NE1 is always compared to SNSD. What kind of group can you be compared to?
CL: There is no other group like 2NE1. I’m confident about that. Each members have their own color, and we have this taste that is different from other groups. I can say that with confidence.

Q: Other girl groups are usually viewed as pretty or sexy, but only 2NE1 is usually known to have individuality. Does this make you sad?
CL: Not at all. I like it. We’ve realized so many things this time, that being completely honest to yourself is the best. We are like the color red, if we try to be blue, we feel heavy pressure. But because we try to be more red, it’s better. We promised to keep it like that.

Q: Also, 2NE1′s style is shocking as usual.

SandaraThis time, I’m sporting this half-half hairstyle, which is inspired from chicken. It’s because I always order half-seasoned, half-fried chicken. (laughs)

MinzyThat bobbed-hairstyle that I’ve always had is now changed into long hair, and I’m thankful that it suits me well. I’ve always been wearing baggy t-shirt and leggings, but nowadays, I wear jeans/pants.

Q: It’s been a long time since you’ve been active, were there any complications?
CLThere were times when we were frustrated, but as soon as the album was out, it was gone. We’ve grown much closer to each other. We feel that we really did cross a high mountain. We aren’t the type to say, “I’m tired.” We all endure the pain and do what we have to do. We’ve successfully came this far because of that.

Q: Is the crisis between the audience and the result?
CLNo. Because we’re a group, it involves ALL of us.

Q: Now that you’ve started composing, there’s a possibility of you becoming the main producer?
CL: It was fun writing songs and recording. It takes me twice the time and it’s difficult but fun. However, Teddy-oppa really helped me out a lot. Teddy-oppa is like our 5th member, so in the future, I just want to compose and include maybe 1~2 songs.

Q: In the future, what kind of mountains does 2NE1 want to cross over.
CL: Hmm, we’re not sure. We’re probably approaching that mountain unknowingly. I wish that each moment goes by well. We want to do good for a long time. For now, our goal is to have a tour encore concert in Seoul. Looking back at it, for us, there’s nothing else that’s as fun as a concert.

Source: OSEN
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CL clarifies that she is not the ‘new muse’ of PSY’s upcoming MV, cameo appearance only!

2NE1’s CL denied the reports that labeled her as the next muse for Psy’s music video following HyunA from Gangnam Style and Ga in from Gentleman.

CL shared that although she does make a cameo, she cannot be labeled as the next female muse for Psy’s video, commenting, “I am not a muse… To be honest, I did not go to the filming set to see Psy. I performed with Snoop Dogg before and we got close so before he headed over to Korea, he said we should meet up when he gets here. Because there isn’t an occasion to meet up with him separately, I went to visit him on the music video filming set.”

"We were talking and I came so unprepared at the time. But he asked me, ‘Do you want to dance with me?’, so that’s how I came to make an appearance in it, and it is a very short cameo."

Source: FNN News

Translated by: AKP

2NE1 AON in Manila!!!


All from Happee Hour:

- May 17 ang concert
- Walang gen ad para daw lahat malapit sa stage
- Details ng seats and tickets ay hopefully maire-release na next week
- Price range 1,500 - 9,000
- Limited lang ang sky seat
- Pinaka murang section ay 1.5k which is upper box at ang pinaka mahal ay 9k which is sky seat.
- Lahat ng 2NE1 members ay present sa AFTER PART
- Pwede ang below 18 sa AFTER PARTY
- Tickets will be released on March 22
- Less than 400 seats lang ang SKY SEAT

VIP = Sky Seats. What’s in Sky Seats?
✅ After Party
✅ Sofa for seating
✅ Bar Tables
✅ Exclusive Servers
✅ Bar

Get yourselves ready Blackjacks!

Cr: Rhadz @2ne1ph

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